„No system can be sustained with a growing overwhelming majority share of low-to-high-entropy flows of resources, production, purchasing power, well-being, and political power flowing to the top 0.01-0.1% atop the hierarchy of power relations.
The bottom 99% cannot afford to sustain the wealth, privilege, and power of the top 0.1-1% AND subsist indefinitely.
The rentier-parasitic, winner-take-all, high-entropy system of natural and human capital exploitation and plunder cannot persist. The rentier Power Elite top 0.01-0.1% have no reason to care about the rest of the human ape population.“

Kommentar von BC auf dem rwer-Blog zum Thema Ungleichheit. Er teilt zudem eine lesenswerte Story vom Dalai Lama. Weise Menschen wissen eben, die richtige(n) Frage(n) zu stellen.