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Zur Untermauerung der Thesen aus dem vorangegangenen Video, hier eine Ansicht der Auseinanderentwicklung bei den US-Einkommen. „Das Kapital“ arbeitet halt für einen mit 😉

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As Annie Lowrey explains,

It is not just that the rich have pulled away from the average American. It is that the richer you are, the more you have pulled away. . .

The higher a household is on the income scale, the more likely it is that a big chunk of its earnings come from investments rather than wages. Managers at Wall Street firms tend to take home options and shares, for instance, and chief executives often get stock as part of their compensation packages. . .

For now, it is a very good time to be very, very rich. The 1 percent are doing well. The 0.01 percent — they’re doing even better.

And Mark Gongloff adds,

Ronald Reagan helped start the ball rolling by slashing taxes on the rich, and his economists claimed the wealth would trickle down to the rest of us. Something has trickled down…

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